Maurizio Sarri pinches Jose Mourinho: the lunge

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Maurizio Sarri pinches Jose Mourinho: the lunge

Lazio will take the field on Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. to face AZ Alkmaar in the first leg of the Conference League round of 16. Maurizio Sarri put it this way in his press conference, “AZ Alkmaar are playing a very high level league. If you draw Ajax you think they are a blazoned opponent, while AZ are not and you tend to underestimate them, but they are only one point away in the league.”

The Lazio coach then spoke about the suspension of the disqualification of Jose Mourinho, who led Roma in the match against Juventus on Sunday night: “It was a career suspension…did he say that last year the level of the Conference League was higher? That’s his personal opinion that I respect but I don’t share.”

For Lazio, there is the Immobile problem: “I don’t know so much. I talked to the doctor by phone and he told me there is a muscle problem that is not serious, later we will talk about the recovery time. Since last year, when he hurt his ankle, he has never been well. Even on Friday he played with painkillers for the ankle problems.”

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