Bruno Pizzul turns 85: “The true commentator is a bit like the good referee”

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Bruno Pizzul turns 85

Bruno Pizzul, just today, turns 85. And ‘Avvenire’ interviewed the popular commentator. Who dwelt on his heirs. “They are almost all very good and very well prepared, especially from a technical-tactical point of view,” he said. “I don’t share much the tendency to make the commentary as spectacular as possible, with the calculated risk of superimposing the commentator’s protagonism on the real protagonists on the field. The real commentator is a bit like the good referee, the less said about them the better, otherwise they become cumbersome and unhelpful characters.”

“Perhaps I follow soccer even more, because here in my Friulian hermitage I can do so while sitting quietly in an armchair, with the possibility of a little sleep if events on the field allow it. And all this feeds my atavistic laziness,” Pizzul added.

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