Indian Wells, Fabio Fognini stops in the first round

©Getty Images

Blue never in the game, match lasted only 72′

Fognini’s adventure in Indian Wells comes to a halt in the first round. The seasoned Italian tennis player could do nothing against Shelton, who, in just 72′ of play, prevailed with a dry 6-4, 6-1. The American always commanded the game, never allowing Fognini to get into a rhythm.

He enjoyed it Shilton, who, in the next round, will face Fritz: “I was aware that I was solid, not having to limit myself to exchanges from the back court but trying to be aggressive.” Indeed, Shelton was aggressive even though Fognini certainly could have done better. Compounding this defeat, the 35-year-old Fognini is now in serious danger of dropping out of the Top 100 (he was also world No. 9).

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