Juventus: sigh of relief for Federico Chiesa and Di Maria. Stop Alex Sandro

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Former Fiorentina striker Federico Chiesa was not injured

No injury: sigh of relief at Juventus for the condition of Federico Chiesa, who had finished the match against Freiburg with a knee problem. The Bianconeri club released a statement in which injuries were ruled out for the son of art, although his condition will be monitored continuously in the coming days.

Good news also for Angel Di Maria, who did not suffer a thigh injury but could miss the next game against Sampdoria as a precaution.

Alex Sandro stops instead: the Brazilian defender against Freiburg sustained a low-grade injury to the flexor muscle in his left thigh. He will return after the national team break and will therefore miss Samp and Inter in the league and the return match with Freiburg.

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