Honda, Marc Marquez is discouraged: ‘Needless to get angry’

©Getty Images

Times far from the best, and in general a mood that remains very low.

Marc Marquez did not go beyond the 19th time in Saturday’s MotoGP test in Portimao. A result that is far from consoling, but according to the Catalan’s end-of-day analysis it best reflects Honda’s current difficulties.

“We ended the day today with the same bike as in Malaysia,” Marquez noted. “This is the best package I have found so far, so we continue to be far from the leaders. At this time of the year, though, we can say that our season still hasn’t started.”

Even more disheartened were the Catalan’s subsequent statements. “If I have to speak honestly, to be very optimistic about the result is difficult now. But to be angry is not to gain anything,” Marquez explained. “This is our base, and tomorrow we will try to start from here to reach the maximum possible in terms of set-up, pace and chrono.

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