Max Biaggi, backstory on the fight with Valentino Rossi

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Max Biaggi is back to talk about the rivalry with Valentino Rossi

Max Biaggi in an interview with Sky returned to talk about his rivalry with Valentino Rossi: “The day I had said ‘When you talk about me, first rinse your mouth’ in the press conference? That time I had responded because he had said ‘better one day at Rossi’s than a hundred at Biaggi’s.’ In short, an action is matched by a reaction.”

“From there on it was a wallowing mostly by you journalists, although I admit we helped you a little bit…. Now, however, I think we were two jerks who went to war with each other through the press instead of clarifying with each other as we could have done,” the Corsair explained.

On the relationship with Aprilia: “I get along very well with Massimo Rivola and everyone at Aprilia. Someone was already there when I was racing. This year there will be a satellite team, and I think having a second team, with two equally strong riders, can be an added value, which will allow us to evolve faster.”

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