Daniel Bertoni advises next purchase at Fiorentina

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Daniel Bertoni: “Kvarastkhelia? Goals a la Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Maradona.”

Interviewed by TMW, Daniel Bertoni spoke about Napoli: “I am very happy to see this strong Napoli, it has always struggled but would finish second. Today it is an extraordinary team. It has extraordinary players, from Oshimen to Kvarastkhelia.”

The Georgian footballer scored a stupendous goal against Atalanta in the last league match: “Kvarastkhelia in the last match scored a goal a la Messi, a la Maradona, a la Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored a goal like a great champion.”

Bertoni continued, “A player I really like is the one who seems to be in Mancini’s national orbit, namely Mateo Retegui. He is good, he is strong, he goes on every ball, a goleador, I would see him well at Fiorentina for example. In Argentina there are many good young people with dual nationality. He is a young guy who can prepare for the future: he is a strong player, with a nose for goal and physically strong. If he gets used to Italian soccer, I am not saying he will become Batistuta, but he is really good. He is similar in physical strength. He is a player that at Fiorentina, I repeat, I would have seen him well, he plays well outside the area, back to the goal. Italian soccer is more difficult physically and tactically, let’s see.”

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