Cagliari market: two important tips from Jeda

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Cagliari market: two important tips from Jeda

Reached by TMW, Jeda spoke about Cagliari: “There was a great victory but I also saw some difficulties. After the first goal, however, they got unblocked. I hope this victory is a starting point to play a different game. I don’t think Cagliari is yet ready to go and impose itself everywhere. I am not 100 percent convinced.”

The former striker elaborated further, “In this talk it’s not about the coach but more about the staff. I think we may need a ‘commanding’ defender and a director. Given the path of Genoa and Frosinone, it is almost certain to make the playoffs, which are very complicated. We need to arrive prepared to increase our chances of going to A.”

Jeda concluded by talking about Mancosu: “When he was taken I thought he was one who could give so much. He is from Cagliari and is beloved, however, it must be said that he has also had some injuries this season. Like Lapadula he needs to be served more. He can be crucial for the playoffs.”

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