Inter, insertion for an AC Milan target

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Inter fits in for Balogun. Market derby hypothesis with MIlan.

One of the departments in which Inter will have to intervene in the next soccer session is definitely the offensive one, given Correa’s probable farewell, Dzeko’s still uncertain contractual situation and Lukaku’s possible non-redemption.

As reported by “La Gazzetta dello Sport,” among the profiles being followed is that of Balogun, a 2001-class striker owned by Arsenal currently playing for Reims. The Gunners, given the abundance in attack, would not oppose his possible transfer in front of the right offer.

The negotiation, however, is very complicated, complicated by the high demand of the English club (around 40 million) and the competition of MIlan, which is also following the player as a possible reinforcement. Should Arsenal lower their demands, a real market derby could be unleashed.

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