Juventus anxious: extensive exams for Federico Chiesa

©Getty Images

His match against Inter lasted only 17 minutes

There is apprehension in the Bianconeri household about Chiesa’s condition. Having returned from a very long injury, the striker is unable to shake off all the physical problems and be, therefore, at 100 percent. After the “liberating” goal with Freiburg and the apology to the fans for not being there all the time, Chiesa is again struggling with a trouble.

His match with Inter lasted only 17 minutes: “He has tendinitis that he has been carrying around for a while, every now and then he gets scared and so he has to stop,” Allegri’s explanation. The Bianconeri medical staff wants to see it through. Thorough examinations to avoid risking another stop that, for Chiesa and Juventus, would be very hard to accept.

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