Ferrari, former Mazzola drastic: “What a debacle, they are the fourth force.”

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Former Ferrari engineer: “It looks bad.”

Former Ferrari engineer Luigi Mazzola on Instagram commented harshly on the situation of the Maranello stable after the flop start of the World Championship in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Especially in Jeddah, the Cavallino did not go beyond sixth and seventh positions with Sainz and Leclerc, a nightmarish result that takes the team back to three years ago.

“Also in this race unfortunately we are not there. We took something like 40 seconds in 30 laps after the Safety Car. That’s devastating, it certainly told us bad with the Safety Car, but there was none both against Red Bull, but also with Aston Martin and Mercedes. We were the fourth force,” Mazzola wrote.

“The car was supposed to have who knows what performance, so it was suggested during the presentation, and instead yesterday there was a strong debacle on a moral level, which will certainly not help to amalgamate the situation. What to do about it? It looks bad. We will have to work and try to get things right, as in Binotto’s famous phrases that needed to be understood. I’ve heard about wrong set-ups. But if we see the fast laps of Verstappen and Leclerc there is more to it than that. Maybe efficiency or load or having load with consistent speed.”

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