Luca Marini falls again: ‘We need to figure out what’s going on’

©Getty Images

A weekend to forget, no pun intended.

Luca Marini greets Portimao with a very bad roster. The bearer of the Mooney VR46 Racing Team, between Saturday and Sunday of the Grand Prix of Portugal, was in fact forced to a double withdrawal. Ninth on the grid on Sunday and tenth on lap 15, he was forced to leave the race after a crash.

“A difficult weekend: compared to testing and Friday, after yesterday’s first crash, my feeling on the bike has completely changed,” Marini admitted. “We don’t know exactly what happened, which is the reason why we have to do a check on the chassis before Argentina to make sure there was no damage after the crash in free practice.

“I was not competitive, I was slow and I had no feeling in the front. The crash in fact surprised me because I was not pushing hard, I was just doing my race. We have to figure out what’s going on, but don’t lose our temper either. Our preseason was great, we have to stay calm and do our races,” Marini added, however.

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