Milan, the math is being done to get to Alvaro Morata

©Getty Images

The Devil ready to say goodbye to several players

AC Milan is thinking about how to improve its attack ahead of next season. Giroud alone is not enough and Ibrahimovic is not eternal. The number one target would be Morata, who knows Italian soccer well, given his (excellent) past at Juventus.

Clearly, should Leao leave, there would be a real treasure to get to Morata and beyond. However, there would also be a plan B, which is to try to sell Rebic, Origi and Ballo-Touré to recover the money needed for an offer to Atletico Madrid. Morata’s tag is valued at no less than 20 million euros. The problem would be the salary: Morata earns significant sums in Spain (over five million euros). One fact is certain: the Diavolo has set its sights on Morata.

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