Jannik Sinner, Paolo Bertolucci further unravels.

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Jannik Sinner, Bertolucci raises the bar again

Paolo Bertolucci, from the columns of ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ also spoke about Jannik Sinner and his evolution, even venturing an important prediction.

“I had gone so far as to predict Jannik among the top five at the end of the year,” wrote the member of the Italian team that won the Davis Cup in 1976, “but in the face of his progress one can go so far as to dream of a rather rapid landing among the Top 3.

In the comparison between racquet champions, Sinner (who in the last two Masters 1000s on the calendar has reached the final) is already among the greats, however, according to the Italian legend: “No adverse situation against Alcaraz has perturbed him and everything has been faced with the coolness of the consummate champion. Only Djokovic and Nadal, at the moment, have a greater solidity of head than his.”

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