Scafati fined, Frank Vitucci even more so

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Vitucci sanctioned

The sports judge ruled regarding Tuesday’s game between Scafati and Brindisi.

FRANCESCO VITUCCI (HAPPYCASA BRINDISI head coach). Disqualified for one game for aggressive and threatening behavior toward the referees at the end of the game inside the tunnel access to the locker room, a fact that did not degenerate due to the prompt intervention of the 1st assistant coach. Replaced by € 3,000.00 fine [art. 33,1/1c RG 24,2b RG,art. 14,4 RG]

GIVOVA SCAFATI. Fine of € 2,000.00 for offenses and threats, collective and frequent, against opposing players [art. 27,4b RG rec.,art. 27,5bd RG rec.,art. 24,4 RG]

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