F1, Fernando Alonso doesn’t mince words on McLaren

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Fernando Alonso goes down flat on his McLaren adventure

During an interview with the “Daily Mail” microphones, Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso returned to talk about his adventure behind the wheel of McLaren and his relationship with Lewis Hamilton.

“That season the situation was not handled well by our bosses. We were young and immature and would have needed help from management. I could not continue with McLaren. It was a team with its eyes on only one side of the garage. As Ron said after the race in China, “Our race is not with Massa, it’s with Fernando.” When your team says something like that, you can’t continue there. It’s no secret that I never felt at home in Woking,” said the Spanish driver.

“We had a difficult season, but we always respected each other as we still do today. Each of us considers the other a talented driver,and he is one of the toughest rivals I have ever met. It would be nice to end our careers together,” added Alonso on Lewis Hamilton.

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