Valentino Rossi jokes about getting back on a motorcycle

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The words of Valentino Rossi

On the eve of the Monza race, the first of his new season on four wheels, Valentino Rossi spoke to La Repubblica about his career: “I don’t like to call it my last sporting challenge, I hope not. I’ve always planned to race cars after motorcycles, we have to see where I can go, what I care about is that I’m old…. It’s a good challenge, the WRT team reminds me of a MotoGP team and Bmw believes in my project. I will test with the Hypercar, we just have to decide when and where.”

“Even today people ask me when I will come back to motorcycle racing and they are hurt if I tell them I am almost 50 years old, so I say I will do it next year. It’s quite a commitment to manage, but I realized that it will never change, not even when I stop racing,” the Doctor joked.

“In MotoGP we have many strong riders, Bagnaia could become a dragger. After me, motorcycling went back to what it was before me: a sport for fans. I, for some reason, had managed to introduce it to grandmothers and children. I honestly don’t know why, maybe it was a combination of my achievements and my character. Bezzecchi? I got excited. Making a team and winning in MotoGP is not a given, so many never succeed. Also, as well as Bagnaia, he is one of my riders in the Academy and that triples the emotions.”

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