Serie B, Emanuele Calaiò points to playoff favorites

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Serie B: Emanuele Calaiò’s favorites in the playoffs.

Emanuele Calaiò, former Parma striker, pointed out the playoff favorites, to the microphones of ‘ParmaLive’.

“In all likelihood Frosinone and Genoa will be promoted to Serie A directly,” Calaiò pointed out. “Parma will be among the favorites for the playoffs, they have the most talented squad. Equally, we need to pay attention to Bari, which can enjoy the boost of its public at home. There is a lot of enthusiasm around Mignani’s team, the pugliesi have a very important roster and have been continuous throughout this season. I do not exclude Cagliari as well. Considering the blazon and the experience of the three clubs, I think the third team to rise to Serie A will be one among Parma, Bari and Cagliari.”

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