As with Jannik Sinner: Holger Rune versus the crowd. The referee’s lesson

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As with Jannik Sinner: Holger Rune against the crowd. The referee’s reprimand.

Holger Rune experienced déjà vu in Madrid from his Monte Carlo match with Jannik Sinner. The Danish tennis player was defeated in the third round in three sets by home idol Davidovich Fokina in a heated match full of controversy: at one point the world number 7 pretended to erase a ball mark while a controversial point was being discussed.

Once again, as happened in Monte Carlo in the match against the South Tyrolean, Rune repeatedly caught up with the audience, which targeted him on several occasions throughout the match.

Chair judge Carlos Bernades, who had also refereed that match, reprimanded him by saying these words, “I told you that in Monte Carlo, too. There’s an audience that you can’t control if you do things like this, and they will challenge you even more if you continue. If you just play tennis, they won’t do anything anymore.”

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