Napoli, Spalletti is not satisfied: “We can open a cycle”

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Napoli, Spalletti is not satisfied: “We can open a cycle”

Napoli is about to celebrate the Scudetto: in a press conference, Luciano Spalletti hopes it will be the right time after Sunday’s disappointment. “To have seen the fans leave the stadium on Sunday feeling sorry for us was mortifying. We feed on their happiness. Sunday the public made us understand more than our ranking, it made us understand what feat we are accomplishing, it is the dream I had when I arrived in Naples.”

On the contract: “There are more good things to do, to play more games and then complete a certain speech. We’ll celebrate and then there’s the question of whether to get back into the game by asking this question, ‘Am I in a position to give a public like this what it deserves?”

On a possible cycle: “I see potential, then it depends on the market and the things we can organize. This team has a future perspective, it can follow up on its results. Surely with the Scudetto at Napoli I will live well the rest of my football life and not.”

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