Paolo Simoncelli’s message: ‘This is not a game’

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Paolo Simoncelli’s message

Paolo Simoncelli sends a message, with the hope that the recipients will get it: “Beyond the various misfortunes … someone should understand that this is not a game. It is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world no doubt, but it is still a job. If we go on like this it will be a long championship, but if we can wake up it will be a long championship, even for others.”

“In Jerez, in this first European round, we found ourselves with a Rossi who still hasn’t digested the fall at Termas De Rio, despite the support of the mental coach present,” added the mustachioed manager. “He did meaningless tests and then ended up with a trivial fall. I won’t add anything else except that I hope I can smile about these dark times as soon as possible, about this somewhat uphill start to the championship. Toba is a professional, always on the ball, unfortunately, however, not even he was able to close a race that should have seen him at least among the top ten. With him and for him I felt sorry, after so many years I saw someone really care, I saw a rider crying again after a crash. It made me think.”

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