MotoGp, Marc Marquez bitter on penalty issue: ‘This way is more risky’

©Getty Images

Marc Marquez does not hide some bitterness about the planned change at the regulation level

The chaos related to the “long lap penalty” was one of the topics Marc Marquez addressed during his highly anticipated speech at the press conference presenting the French MotoGp weekend, which will culminate on Sunday in the French Grand Prix at Le Mans.

“For me it is normal that they eventually cancelled the penalty,” the Honda centaur said: when the penalty was arranged, in Portugal, I was in agreement because I had made a big mistake. Punishing me was fair, but they had said that the penalty would have to be served in Argentina, writing it on the document I signed. But then I had surgery on my hand and after two days they changed the penalty for some reason, writing that it should have been served in the first useful Gp. But it’s certainly not my fault.”

Then a polemical note on the planned change in the regulations to that effect: “For the future it seems that they will change the execution of the sanction by writing directly that it should be served ‘in the next race in which the driver will take part’: I don’t think this is right, in fact it is more risky because it could lead many drivers to force more to return to the track as soon as possible, even in a precarious physical condition.”

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