De Laurentiis wants series A all summer long

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The words of Aurelio De Laurentiis

Aurelio de Laurentiis is unleashed after winning the Scudetto:. “If I am sure I can keep all the big boys next year? Not only that: I would like to add more. I would like to have an American, because in America even if the league is worth little there are great players who shine in the national team. And then a Japanese, already having a Korean, since there is a great development of our soccer in the East and there are new entries to consider. But I would not want to send any of our people away. Spalletti is a leader, a great storyteller: everyone should study him, there is always something to learn from him.”

And again, “Why play in winter with snow, rain, hail? Couldn`t we start all over Europe in April? It`s not an April Fool`s joke, but a necessity,” he explained to La Repubblica. In 7 months until October, national championships and European Cups could be played. From November to March there are five months left for the gentlemen players to rest, go on retreat, play with the national teams.”

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