Lele Adani responds elegantly to insults received

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Lele Adani responds elegantly to insults received

Former player and current RAI pundit Lele Adani speaking on social media about Thursday night’s match between Juventus and Sevilla, at which he was present, responded to the chants from the Allianz Stadium curve against him for his criticism of Allegri.

“We are back home now from Turin, it was a great night, very emotional, vibrant. (…) Also the people who were so nice to greet me at the parking lot, all the Juve fans, I was happy to take pictures and chat with you.”

On the choruses: “There was also someone who, let’s say, didn’t think so, whatever, but the important thing is that it was a great night of soccer. Soccer is at the center of everything, let’s give it respect. That’s what my job is all about, and I’m glad I did it with the usual love, the usual passion, the usual enthusiasm. Thanks to everyone. The goal is always to reach people’s heads and hearts, I will never stop doing that. Thanks to the many people who follow me and follow us. Viva el futbol.”

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