Spal, Oddo: “Normal nervousness, I wanted a reaction”

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Spal, Oddo: “Normal nervousness, I wanted a reaction.”

Spal coach Massimo Oddo was very frank and direct in the press conference ahead of the match with Parma: “Tomorrow we have to have the spirit of a team aware that if it does not get a win it ends up in Serie C. We go on the field knowing that we have to win the first of two battles. We are all aware of this and we will try to put everything we have on the field against a strong team that is doing well. We know that you can win with anyone and lose with anyone, so this is not a lose-lose game. Sacrifice and suffering will be needed.”

On the nervousness seen during the week: “Nervousness is normal and sometimes a coach voluntarily raises the tone to provoke reactions: I have seen and experienced thousands of similar things, it happens in every team only that with closed doors you don’t see them.”

“I always say what I think,” Oddo continued, “For me, soccer players are like children. When you have to take them back you do it because I cannot be the scapegoat for everything. The truth is there for all to see and unconditional defense is not good, I take responsibility and so must the boys. It’s not an accusation, if I make a mistake in a change I take responsibility just as if a player hurts he does the same and I don’t think this will generate problems, because when I say something publicly to you, I do it because first I said it to the face of the person concerned.”

On the choice of players: “I’m counting on the players that I think are most ready and suited for the game, the identity card doesn’t matter right now. Behind the choices there are not only tactical considerations, but there are also many other evaluations made to arrive at the choice that hopefully can be the right one.”

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