VR46, Luca Marini won’t stand for it: ‘Binder threw me out’

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Luca Marini stands with Pecco Bagnaia: “Another time we are talking about inconsistency.”

Luca Marini finished fourth in the Le Mans Sprint Race but the Rimini centaur complained about being overtaken by Binder, who moved him around and forced him to remount the bike. “I’m happy, it was a good race and I didn’t expect to be so fast, I was able to lap on 31.9 or 32.0 in every lap – he began to the microphones of Sky Sports – but I’m angry because Binder threw me off the track in Turn-8 touching me, and he wasn’t given the penalty, while Pecco in Jerez was. Another time we are talking about inconsistency, we are very confused, even when we drive, because it is difficult to understand what you can do or not: one race they give the drop position, today they don’t, and the next one what will happen? Now you try to obstruct the driver while overtaking, you don’t do it as cleanly as you used to.”

“Right now the problem is that we drivers don’t agree,” Marini added, “there are those who say they would like less penalties, and there are those who say it was us who asked for more penalties, and we keep going on this decision because we wanted it. Last year, after some incidents, we said to ourselves that it was not fair to ruin the race like that. You can also do clean overtaking in my opinion, there have been many in history and so I don’t understand why you can’t do it now. What I am asking is that there be the same line for the whole year, then for the next one we can also come back and discuss it all together, but as long as everything is the same from Portimao to Valencia.”

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