Brescia, Alessandro Magro no-holds-barred on the balance of the season

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Brescia, Alessandro Magro is blunt about the balance of the season

Germani Brescia’s season was characterized by several ups and downs. The club won a prestigious trophy such as the Coppa Italia, but at the same time failed to qualify for the playoffs. On the team’s performance, head coach Alessandro Magro expressed himself bluntly to the microphones of “BresciaOggi”.

“Define the season in one word ? Uneven, I would say. Personally, I have the regret that I was never able to have at my disposal the roster built in the summer so that we could build the team over time. We could not find the balance and in difficult moments we lacked continuity,” admitted the Leonessa coach.

“It was a bit like in school when you think you have studied and instead during the questioning come those questions that you don’t know how to answer. Winning a trophy, however, I think makes our season highly sufficient,” added the Lombard club’s head coach.

Finally, Alessandro Magro also wanted to comment on his future: “With the president we started a three-year project. As of today I feel I am the coach of Germani Brescia. The next step will be to meet to analyze this season and understand the mistakes that did not allow us to reach the playoffs.”

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