Spal, Joe Tacopina doesn’t look for alibis

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Spal, Joe Tacopina doesn’t hide after relegation

The loss to Parma in the 37th day of Serie B certified Spal’s relegation to Serie C. On this negative result, the patron of the Estensi, Joe Tacopina, spoke to the microphones of “Il Resto del Carlino.”

“If you have to find a first responsible for all this, that’s me. I don’t unload on anyone: I may have taken some advice from Lupo, but even when I criticize him, I know I was the one who took it and approved certain decisions, so the blame is mine. The team let me down because of an inability of courage and heart. Despite the negative result, I want to look forward, as touching the bottom teaches you more than the top of the mountains,” the Estensi patron began.

“If we are good, restarting from C could also turn out to be a “blessing in disguise,” because it will allow us to reset everything and start again from the beginning. My group wants to return to B quickly and hopes to bring Spal back even higher. It was a step back, not a tragedy. I have many meetings coming up for several important structural changes, one of them being the hiring of a level-headed sporting director. In addition, new partners will also come into play,” Joe Tacopina added.

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