Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia slams after attacks: ‘Sick of justifying myself’

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Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia slams after attacks: ‘Sick of justifying myself’

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia wanted to respond in kind to those who have attacked him in recent days, among them GasGas team boss Herve Poncharal, regarding some of his statements about customer teams.

“What has been published is out of context because of the interpretation given by some people. I was asked to talk about safety and the reasons for the increase in accidents, and I simply tried to make an analogy, saying that this was not happening before. I think years ago there was less contact because there was a big difference between the top riders and the others, now everything is much more compact and this causes more crashes because we are all much more on the limit,” Bagnaia explained to Autosport.

“I came to MotoGP with a satellite team. How can I suggest to create a gap between them and the factory bikes? – he continued, impatient. “After Le Mans, I disconnected for three days, without a phone, and when I reconnected I saw the controversy that had been generated with Hervé Poncharal, amplified by the MotoGP website itself. At no time did I make comments to create controversy. On the contrary, the issue of safety is very serious. Unfortunately, some people prefer to look for controversy rather than talk about who wins or the good battles on the track, lately there is too much talk about things that are not my responsibility.”

“From now on I will only talk about the sport,” Bagnaia concluded, “which is what I know best, and I will leave the rest to others: I am tired of having to justify every word that is taken out of context to open a controversy.

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