“I burst into tears”: the confession of Matteo Berrettini

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Matteo Berrettini confesses: “I burst into tears.”

Matteo Berrettini, still out of the circuit due to an abdominal injury, confessed to the BSMT podcast, interviewed by Gianluca Gazzoli. “I don’t know if it was a serve or a forehand. I felt a strong twinge after a point, but right away I didn’t quite understand. I finished the game and started to realize that something was wrong. I lay down on the physiotherapist’s couch and burst into tears because I realized that it had happened again,” he admitted. “The body then recovers, but for the head sometimes you need more time.

The 2021 Wimbledon finalist is at the center of a lot of criticism lately, not only for tennis reasons: “People are looking for a way to lash out at a me for a result that didn’t come or something that is not going well. If I had been single, they would have wondered what I would have done, but you are there and you blame yourself. There is always a need for an expiratory head, to find something that is the reason why things are not going. And it is sad and serious, if you go to the personal sphere. We tried to send the message that you should not go too far: there is a limit, it is a matter of politeness and not everything is allowed.”

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