Torino, future yet to be defined for Perr Schuurs

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Torino, Perr Schuurs’ stay still in doubt

Torino is bidding to be one of the most active clubs in the upcoming soccer market, both inbound with the questions of redemptions still to be resolved and outbound, as numerous requests could arrive for several players, Ricci and Schuurs above all.

Precisely the Dutch defender is a candidate to be one of the main men on the market. According to reports from “La Stampa,” the Granata would be willing to give up the former Ajax only in front of an offer that would allow them to recover important figures as happened last season with Bremer.

On his possible stay, in addition, Perr Schuurs himself spoke during an event for JD Sports: “I don’t know. Right now my focus is just on finishing the season with the Taurus as best I can.”

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