Giro d’Italia, Cipollini pulls cyclists’ ears

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Giro, Cipollini: “Cyclists should have their ears pulled.”

The halving of Friday’s stage of the Giro d’Italia continues to spark discussion in the cycling world. On Facebook even a former great like Mario Cipollini wanted to have his say: “I have read and listened to the opinions of many people, some more and some less experienced in (real) cycling. In this message I allow myself to have my say,my appeal is to the riders. In this case I would just like to give you some advice. Having lived the life you are living for a while … of course I would defend each of your choices by giving you full support (publicly) to your choices…..but separately I would take the liberty to give you a little earful, reciting a Lucchese proverb (mar vorsuto un’ è mai troppo) I think the meaning is easily interpreted (you are hurting yourself).”

“I understand with all my heart your state of mind, running repeatedly on bad days demolishes the state of mind, multiplies physical and psychological fatigue, as well as undermining concentration … it is precisely in these moments that you would need a guide, someone who can take the place of a parent figure, someone who can advise you on what to do ,without any interest, but only protecting you and cycling.”

“You need experience, character, firmness and personality as well as a palmares (I think) to give you the right advice. The Giro d’Italia is a heritage that has been built by great men, starting more than a century ago, you are responsible for a great legacy, and I believe that in certain moments you should avail yourself of the advice of someone who can make you think about the decision to make, in certain moments as a rider (I believe) you lose the right lucidity to make the best decision. In our country we are fortunate to have great former Champions (some more than others) who deeply love cycling, involve them ….they are the ones who have great experience and know all aspects of your world. Don’t let people who were born thousands of miles away from the Giro d’Italia, from cycling (who physically, who cyclistically) decide.”

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