Juventus, Allegri: “It’s surreal, ruling 10 minutes before the match”

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Juventus, Allegri: “It’s surreal, ruling 10 minutes before the match”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri to DAZN tried to analyze his team’s collapse in Empoli: “It was a strange situation, ten minutes before the match the ruling came out. The psychological aspect is fundamental. Fifteen minutes before the game we were second, then we found ourselves with -10. It’s one thing to play a game as seconds, it’s another thing to have them throw us back down every time we put our heads out. The guys yesterday in practice were blank, I was worried about tonight’s game.”

“From being second in the standings we found ourselves ten points below, we had a great chance to play against Milan for entry into the Champions League. I assure you that it was not an easy situation and it still won’t be,” the Tuscan coach continued.

“This does not justify the mental collapse. You can talk about many things, but we have to keep quiet, accept defeat. It went like this but the boys are not to blame for anything. It will not be easy in the next 10 days: the rebound from Seville, today they take 10 points off you. These are not excuses but the situation is abnormal. The guys did the best they could do. It’s going to be a heavy 10 days, the energy is normal to be lacking because it was a surreal situation.”

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