F1, Christian Horner’s dig at Stefano Domenicali

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F1, Christian Horner is adamant: “We’re getting to the breaking point now.”

During an interview at the microphones of the “Financial Times: Future of the Car,” Red Bull’s team principal was blunt about the excessive number of appointments that characterize F1 seasons. In addition, the Briton wanted to send a clear message to president Stefano Domenicali.

“Twenty-three races is a crazy amount of racing and miles we have to cover in a season. I think it would be better to have competition for existing venues than to keep adding a few every year. I think we are not that far from the breaking point,” said the Red Bull team principal.

“The basic problem is that Stephen shows up and acts the same way every year. He says it’s essential to go to Silverstone, Monza, Monaco, then he jumps up proposing other great places and great races that it’s hard to say no to, for example Miami and Las Vegas. The travel schedule is brutal,” added Christian Horner.

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