MotoGp: surprise fracture also for Luca Marini

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MotoGp: surprise fracture also for Luca Marini

VR46 centaur Luca Marini with a message on Instagram made it known that he suffered a fracture in the thumb of his right hand after a crash with Alex Marquez in Le Mans. Valentino Rossi’s brother assured that he will do everything to be 100 percent at Mugello.

“Hello everyone! After the fall in Le Mans I went to the circuit’s medical center to get x-rays and it looked like nothing was broken. But on the way home my right thumb was hurting a lot, and my hand was swollen. I did an additional CT scan and it turned out to be a thumb fracture with bone detachment.”

“I am continuing to train to get to Mugello as fit as possible, see you there,” Marini wrote, posting a photo of the cast. A few days ago Bagnaia also announced that he had fractured his ankle in France.

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