Roger Federer full-court press on Rafa Nadal and more, and makes a promise

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Roger Federer full-court press on Rafa Nadal and beyond, and makes a promise

Roger Federer submitted himself on Twitter to questions from the thousands and thousands of fans who still follow and love him despite his retirement during last year’s Laver Cup. Here are his answers, quotes reported by,

“What I miss most is an impromptu dinner off the beaten path with friends after a match or practice. And, of course, the big stadiums, the fans and the excitement of everything tennis related. Only after retiring did I realize that there were a lot of little things that I didn’t know were creating so much stress for me until they just disappeared, which is really great. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. But for now, I have no intention of being a commentator.”

The best match of his epic rivalry with his great friend Rafael Nadal? “Roland Garros 2008. Those four games were great. Let’s say though that I miss yes and no playing against Rafa. And I will miss seeing him play this year in Paris. Roland Garros + Rafa Nadal = one of the most incredible records in the history of the sport.” But there is also a past champion he would have liked to play against, and that is Björn Borg, the captain of the European Laver team, for whose next edition Federer makes a promise: “Yes, I will be there. See you in Vancouver.”

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