F1, more big goals in Red Bull’s sights

©Getty Images

In 2019, Mercedes won the first eight GPs of the season

Red Bull doesn’t stop any longer. At the Monaco GP, came the sixth consecutive victory for the reigning World Champion stable (four wins for Verstappen and two for Perez). An extraordinary start to the World Championship. Now there are those who think Red Bull can actually win every GP in the 2023 season.

In the crosshairs now is the Mercedes of the 2019 season, capable of winning the first eight GPs of the season. Then it will try to do better than the McLaren of 1988: 11 GPs won consecutively with the Senna-Prost duo (streak interrupted by Ferrarista Berger at the Monza GP). Red Bull is convinced it can do even better. There does not seem to be anyone capable of challenging it.

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