Lecce, Marco Baroni stalls on his own future

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Marco Baroni stalls on his own future

Marco Baroni has given an interview to the notebooks of ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ where he also talked about his own future, as well as the conquest of salvation with his Lecce. “We are the only team in the top 5 European leagues that has never conceded more than two goals,” he stressed. “I would add: we are the team that, based on the possession conceded, suffers the fewest shots in the mirror of the goal. We keep a high, aggressive defense that never concedes easy plays and lets opponents into the box very little. The recovery is always high; it was from a high recovery that we led Colombo to the corner kick that gave us the save in Monza. I am happy with our defense.”

Then he showed all his happiness for Federico Baschirotto’s call to the national team: “I can’t add anything else, except that I’m very happy. With the staff we played him centrally against Inter in an emergency and he exploded. He deserves it.”

“With Lecce I have made one-year contracts so far. Now I’m thinking about Bologna, but with the relationship we have with president Sticchi Damiani and with Corvino I don’t have to consider it a priority. After Bologna we will talk,” Baroni concluded, on his own future.

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