F1, George Russell knows what he wants at all costs

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The Mercedes driver has great respect for teammate Hamilton


Russell è ambitious and wants to conquer the top of F1. He is having a not easy season but his goal è clear: "World Champion? Obviously. It’ the main, but è only one of the goals", his words to Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Mercedes driver further explains what he is really aiming for: "To become a better person. In F1 è difficult, sometimes, to do everything you should. I’m talking about relationships with my brothers, with my nephews, with my parents. And then being a better person for me means learning new things. I’m trying to do that. I would like to know other languages".

In the meantime, è committed to doing well in a team where there's a certain Hamilton, someone who è used to excel all his life: "We have a very good relationship. We chat a lot about how to improve, what the car needs". Last year he scored more world points than Hamilton. This year he's struggling a little bit, but he certainly hasn&#39t lost his incredible confidence. Because, one day, he wants to be F1 World Champion.

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