Stefano Tilli dismantles Marcell Jacobs

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The words of Stefano Tilli

Stefano Tilli commented on Marcell Jacobs’ decision to move to the United States to train with Rana Reider: "A choice to be respected but one I do not agree with. There was no need to go l".

"Marlene Ottey è trained for years in America but her best results came from coming to train in Italy,” he explained.

Grenot likewise. And soè Pavoni. I would say that the experiences that other Italian athletes like Galvan, Tumi and Fassinotti have had abroad have never led to results. I am pleased to say that training sciences and methodologies dwell in our country".

"I have been around for 40 years in athletics and the Gigliotti, Vittori, Donati and Bosco I have not seen elsewhere. If Reider è a good coach? Bromell and Bracy have kind of dropped off the radar and I don't know of De Grasse training with him. And if we want De Grasse has had a failed season", Tilli concluded to Gazzetta dello Sport.

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