Sergio Perez now challenges Max Verstappen

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The words of Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez during an interview with Dutch newspaper De Limburger reviewed his season: £At the beginning of the year I had a good feeling with the car, but cars evolve. After Miami, it è got worse for me. I felt like I was driving another car, far from my needs. I missed Q3 several times, sometimes I even struggled to get through the first stage of qualifying. All this destroyed my self-confidence. In the summer I was driving challenged, è it was complicated".+

"Formula 1 è my sport, my life, my passion. But in suchì difficult situations in work, è it is difficult to be cheerful at home with wife and children. That’s why I hired a mental coach: my family deserves a cheerful dadà at home". Continues Sergio: "I am working to become the best version of myself, both in private and as a driver. I am now 33 years old, but I am still learning every day. On the track, but definitely off". 

" I am grateful to the team for giving me the opportunity to race in a top team. It would be great if I could finish my career here. But racing for them is not è easy because they have a very special way of working: their car è built with a different approach than other teams. It takes time to adapt. And of course there'è Verstappen as a teammate. It helped me to remember the two wins at the beginning of the year. Now I feel 100 percent again. And I think I can fight for the title in 2024".

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