Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis unleashed on renewals, Inter and stadium

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Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis unleashed on renewals, Inter and stadium

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentis, at the “Campania Felix award ceremony held this morning, announced the imminent renewal of Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen’s contract, which è expires in 2025, and instead glossed over the extension of Kvicha Kvaratskhelia’s. Here are his words.

“With Osimhen we are at the contract signing, the one that had been pending last summer. Kvaratskhelia has a 4-year long contract still, let’s not be too negative”, said De Laurentiis who then also spoke about the challenge with Inter: “It takes a lot of ass. We don’t have a left fullback…. There are two injured ones. Then we have a new coach, to whom we have given a big responsibility, because he had to meet both Atalanta and Real Madrid right away, and at the Bernabeu with a few minutes to go we were in a tie. Now we have another tour de force with Inter and Juventus. Is two days to prepare for Inter enough, without two full-backs? It seems a bit difficult to me…. Five days to prepare for Juventus… On the table to be objective you have to put all the problems. And then … may Our Lady accompany us".

Finally, the Parthenopean number 1 returns again to the issue of the Maradona Stadium responding to Mayor Manfredi: “I hear ‘He presented a project that forò è was rejected’. But it è not true: I submitted a project that è was ‘unstudied’. They put on the ì to see the capacity of 41,500 spectators, since we have an average of 32,000 a year, and Juventus Stadium has 40,000 scarce, è it was said by someone who wanted to do the Masaniello that the stadium must be a popular thing, and that it should be done by 55-60 thousand. But that is perfectly fine, when they say that the stadium should be available to the people, then I say public shareholding should be done. Because when I have to pull out then 70 million for Osimhen, who pulls it out?. 90-year concession? I want to buy the stadium, with a commitment to invest those millions needed to create the sky boxes, to bring the public next to the players as in real stadiums”.

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