Paul Stoddart is lapidary about Ferrari

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Paul Stoddart è lapidary on Ferrari

Ferrari saw its second place in the Constructors’ Championship slip away by just three points in favor of Mercedes. In addition, the Maranello stable è managed with Carlos Sainz to prevent Red Bull from making the en-plein as far as GP wins are concerned. On the struggle with the Brackley team to determine the second force behind Red Bull, former Minardi owner Paul Stoddart was keen to point out how certain decisions made by the stewards would hamper the Prancing Horse.

"The last race of the season in Abu Dhabi was not very exciting, except for the fight for second place in the Constructors’ Championship. Unfortunately, Ferrari è was robbed of second place due, once again, to nonsensical decisions made by the stewards. The incident between Sergio Perez and Lando Norris è was a race contact, which certainly did not deserve a five-second penalty and completely removed Ferrari from second place" began the former Minardi owner during his column for "Racingnews365".

"Over the course of the year, Ferrari è found itself in a worse position than Mercedes and the fact that the drivers couldn't wait to get rid of the cars speaks volumes. Even Sainz è was completely robbed in Las Vegas with that manhole cover, which è was a real force majeure. All the other stables would have been willing to agree, but Mercedes wouldn't and there wasn't unanimity. For all these reasons and many others over the course of the year, I believe Ferrari deserved the second place that it was once again denied by politics" added the Australian businessman.

"Formula 1 should be a pure race, where the best drivers in the world and the best cars can show their skills. There's no need for a bunch of policemen to punish every little smear. Stewards are there to do a job, most are former drivers and are perfectly capable of recognizing an infraction. White lines cannot even be seen from the cockpit, so to change race results and championships it would be better to impose a financial penalty on the team than a five-second penalty on the driver. Action should only be taken if the infringement is so obvious that it creates a clear advantage. We have a fantastic F1 world championship that is growing year by year, but we are returning to the'era when politics and stupidity'decide the races, instead of the talent of the drivers and the cars" concluded Paul Stoddart.

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