Michael Schumacher, Todt breaks silence

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The words of Jean Todt

Jean Todt in an’interview with La Stampa è returned to talk about his relationship with Michael Schumacher: "At first it was professional, then of increasing trust, until it became a great friendship. Michael è a friend, I consider him part of my family. I visit him regularly, in the past we followed some Grand Prix on TV. The rest è a private matter. The’only thing I say è that I adore Michael, I adore his family and è it’s right to respect their privacy".

L'former Ferrari team principal then spoke about his past in Rosso: "The situation at the beginning was disastrous. In ’96 there was a lot of talk about my dismissal. Michael had just arrived and saw that my plan was right, the people who were coming in and with whom I was secretly dealing matched our plan. That’s why he è stepped in and said, ‘If Todt leaves, I’m leaving too’. That certainly stopped those who were thinking of sending me away”.


And again: "The first defeat in 1997 è was a bullsh…a by Michael. On that occasion we very much protected him. In ’98 there’è was the scandalous behavior of Coulthard, who braked in front of him at Spa in the rain to get rear-ended and stop him. In ’99 Michael è broke his leg in an accident. When è returned, he helped Irvine. Even if he had given up the position to him in the ’last race, the title would still have gone to Hakkinen. Forò è came the first place among the constructors. In 2000 we win. The’embrace with Michael on the podium è the happiest sporting moment of my life. We finally achieved the’goal we had set for ourselves in 1993″.

Frugal comment on the comparison with Max Verstappen: “Sì, there are affinitiesà. Red Bull has built a winning team with an extraordinary driver, very professional, smart in the race. A fantastic talent. I am rooting for Leclerc, my son has been following him since he raced go-karts. È a great driver and deserves the’chance to win the title".

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