Juventus, Samuel Iling-Junior’s future is a mystery

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The 20-year-old Englishman would be liked by many Premier League clubs

Last year, in the midst of an emergency, Iling-Junior è made himself ready. The 2003-born outfielder racked up 18 appearances (with one goal) during the 2022/23 season. This year he expected to have even more space and, instead, at least for the moment, he struggles enormously to get minutes in the new tactical set-up chosen by Allegri. Season appearances are, so far, only four, often entering from the bench.

Clearly a situation that does not please Iling-Junior so much that there are rumors of his possible farewell alreadyà during the winter market window. The young Englishman would have several admirers, especially in the Premier League. In particular, watch out for Newcastle, which could come forward in a major way and thus convince Juventus to let him go.

Watch out also for Giuntoli’s ideas. Iling-Junior has a contract with Juventus until 2025, so there'è time to make the best choice. He could become a very useful bargaining chip during next summer when, surely, Juventus will also move in the inbound market. Giuntoli could then decide to keep Iling-Junior until the end of the current season and decide how to deal with the outfielder in the summer.

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