Fiorentina ahead on penalties, Parma eliminated

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Fiorentina-Parma 6-3 dcr

Fiorentina overcame Parma on penalty kicks and won the Italian Cup quarterfinals with grit and determination. Italiano’s bad boys suffered a blow in the first half, when Bernabé and Bonny (21' and 23') found the way to the goal, but they did not give up and brought out character in the second half. Nzola (83') and Sottil on a penalty kick (89') scored the longed-for equalizer goals. From the penalty spot, Man (post) and Camara (high) misfired as the Viola did not miss a shot and secured the pass to the quarterfinals.

Fiorentina experienced an emotional roller coaster during the round of 16, getting off on the wrong foot and suffering a double disadvantage against a fierce Parma. But the Viola unleashed all their grit, retaking the equalizer before winning on penalties. The first few minutes of the match were a bit confusing, but the forwards were already ready to go, with Nzola having a glaring missed chance. Parma, leading the Serie B standings, dominated the early stages, while Fiorentina looked a bit out of sorts. But the Viola managed to turn things around, although the defense did not do a great job, conceding two goals in quick succession. Fortunately, young Adrià Bernabé showed he had feet of gold, scoring a spectacular goal on 21'. But Parma did not è stop there and continued to attack, risking only on two Fiorentina actions. However, thanks to the determination of Christensen and the skill of Bernabé, Fiorentina è managed to get to the rest without too much damage. A great way to celebrate the qualification to the quarters.

The Gialloblù team seemed to be in control of the match with a 2-0 lead, but the Italian coach acted as a real electroshock to the violets, introducing a quadruple change that saw the entry of Biraghi and Arthur, among others. The match promised to become even more compelling, and fans could only wonder what surprise would be in store for them in the second half.

Fiorentina showed great determination in its last game, climbing back up a result that seemed to have been compromised. Despite the difficulties encountered on the substitutions, the entry of Lucas Beltran was able to give a fundamental boost to the team, making it extremely dangerous in the offensive phase. However, one cannot fail to mention the importance of Sottil, author of a perfect cross that allowed Nzola to score the equalizing goal and signer of the penalty that led to the momentary 2-2. After extra time, which saw Parma awaken in flashes, the victory è was decreed by the purple penalty takers, protagonists of an impeccable performance. A key role è was played by Christensen, who distracted his rivals with a trash-talker move, leading Man to tread the post and Camara to shoot high. Fiorentina thus flies to the quarterfinals, pending the outcome of the match between Inter and Bologna, scheduled for Dec. 20.

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