Carlos Sainz has confidence in Ferrari ahead of 2024

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Carlos Sainz has confidence in Ferrari ahead of 2024

Ferrariè s season has been decidedly below expectations, with the only joy being brought by Carlos Sainz, who thanks to his triumph in the Singapore GP, prevented Red Bull from making a full haul and winning all the races. During an interview with "Racefans", the Spanish driver spoke about his feelings ahead of 2024 and the chances of closing the gap from the Austrian team.

"I want the team to think it is possible. McLaren over the course of this season, after a bad start, è has been able to make huge strides. I am perfectly confident that Ferrari can improve during the winter break. I trust this team and the ability we have at home to turn things around. There are circuits where we are on pole by three tenths compared to Red Bull. This is a very specific feature of the car that we must try to make moreù versatile" began the Spanish driver.

"Of the SF-23 I would save the straight-line speed, the braking performance and the driving on the kerb. This year&#39s car had some very strong points, but I think if we want to have a competitive car all year long, maybe we have to surrender some of those strengths to make sure we are fast everywhere, especially in the race. We need to focus on understanding how we handled the car and the tires and the reasons why we couldn&#39t compete at the level of Red Bull and McLaren. In Brazil or Austin, for example, we è saw clearly that we did not have the race pace" added Carlos Sainz.

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