Zinedine Zidane turns to F1 thanks to Alpine

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The former Juventus and Real Madrid star spent a day with Gasly and Ocon

Special day for Zidane who è went from soccer, his natural world, to F1 engines. As a testimonial for Alpine, he attended an event together with Gasly and Ocon, the two drivers of the French team. It was an opportunity to better understand Formula 1 and how the life of drivers works as they take to the track and hurtle at over 300 km/h.

"What I admire about these people è they take risks every day, but with passion. Their great passion è Formula 1. I follow it as a fan, as an enthusiast. We don&#39t do the same job, but è still always sport d'élite where details" count, Zizou&#39s words to Spanish media AS.

"As Zidane says, in d'élite sports you fight against the best and there'è a lot to learn. I see him as an icon, a legend of our country and the whole planet. It's really interesting to talk to a champion and learn from his past experiences, from successful moments to difficult ones. You learn from all situations. Even on a personal level", the words of Gasly who has never hidden that he had Zidane as an idol as a child.

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