Milan, vice-Theo Hernandez is sought: important signals from Spain

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Juan Miranda in Milan’s crosshairs: Betis management confirms

While waiting for the opening of the winter market, the Milan management continues to work to build the squad of the future and from Spain è arrived on Tuesday the confirmation of the negotiation with Betis for Juan Miranda, an external player who for the Rossoneri scouts could fill that role of Theo Hernandez left uncovered this season.

Confirming the presence of a negotiation è was the vice-president of Betis, the club for which Miranda himself plays, José Miguel Lopez Catalan: "We are still discussing the possible renewal – said the green-and-white executive to 'Canal Sur' but Juan è a footballer who has attracted the attention of other clubs. The names? There'è Milan, but also Borussia Dortmund, not missing a few clubs from La Liga itself".

"In the market anything can happen,” added Lopez Catalan. “Maybe we will find an agreement, maybe he will get a huge, unrenounceable offer. We would not oppose his will if the offer of a salary double or triple what we could offer him arrives, in fact it would be fair for him to accept. However, we still do not know what will happen".

Born in 2000, Miranda è came to prominence practically as a child in the Betis youth academy before being picked up by Barcelona, which brought him up at La Masia, the famous 'cantera' blaugrana. In 2020 è he returned to Andalusia and has since been confirming great qualities as a left flanker. Milan would plan to deal directly with the player in January for his arrival on a zero-parameter basis next summer, but it is not è excluded that, given the absentee situation, the Rossoneri club may not decide to make an effort and buy him already in January.

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