Napier-Sfairopoulos, rags fly: Olympia on hold

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The playmaker, excluded from the Real Madrid challenge, accuses his coach of not telling the truthà

The relationship è broke down. This was understood when Napier was not included in the call-ups for the Euroleague challenge between his team, Red Star, and Real Madrid (Blancos’ 72-58 victory). "Napier asked not to play, è in negotiations with another club", Sfairopoulos’ words in the postgame. A statement that led to the prompt response of Napier himself.

"You have to tell the truthà in front of the camera", the words, via social, of the American playground player class 1991. In short, an unpleasant situation that will lead, barring unforeseen events, to Napier's farewell this season. Now everyone is wondering if his new team will be that very Olimpia Milano in which, last year, he made a difference.

As known, Coach Messina è without the injured Lo. Pangos è out of the technical project and waiting for accommodation. Clearly, being able to get Napier back would completely solve the starting point guard issue within the red and white club. And to say that, a few weeks ago, Messina and Napier had had some problems due to an interview by the Milan coach. Now they might get back together.

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